3 Reasons Why Coworking Works

1. Professional Presentation

Many entrepreneurial professionals start off working from home. At the beginning of their business, they will arrange to have client meetings at a coffee shop or restaurant downtown. After doing this for a few months, they soon find themselves wandering down to our office to inquire about office space. This is a good sign for Entrepreneur’s because this means they are starting to meet with their clients frequently and are realizing that a coffee shop or restaurant does not scream ‘professional business’ to their clients.

For some, this is a big routine change as they find themselves having to get dressed and ready for the day rather than their usual routine of waking up and working from home in their pyjamas. When transitioning to an office space such as ReSourceYYC it allows these Entrepreneur’s the chance to add credit to their business by having a corporate mailing address, meeting rooms and a professional office.

2. Peer Group Support

Another benefit to our members being in our coworking environment is having their peer groups around them. Peer group support is hard to find when working from home. With our member base being heavily weighted with oil and gas professionals, it makes interactions between experts in the industry effortless.

By being in the same office as other industry professionals, these Entrepreneur’s can find the support they need to complete projects and meet deadlines. An example of this in our space is when a Geologist needs help from a Landman, they are able to walk across the office to make the connection. Essentially, the Geologist will use the Landman’s expertise and services to complete their projects.

3. Work and Play

A coworking space for some of our members means the balance between work and play. During the day, members work away in their offices by making phone calls, drafting proposals and shaping their business to be the best that it can be. After a hard and long day at work, they love participating in our events and networking sessions that we host in the evenings.

Every Thursday evening, members can take a break from their work and come out to our weekly Beers with Peers. Once a month we also host large Networking Events that give our members a little break from their busy days. Both events allow us to build a sense of community in our space and give our members the chance to network with each other.