A Day in the Life of ReSourceYYC (Coordinator's View)

Hello, my name is Alyssa, I am the ReSource Coordinator at ResourceYYC.

Have you ever wondered what a day at ReSourceYYC is like? Let me be the first to tell you that no day is the same, there is always something new and exciting happening in our space.

Doors open and ready to go!

When I arrive in the morning, I start my day at the busiest location in our office, the coffee machine! Here, I mingle with the members and get to hear about how their week is going, the interesting projects they are working on and most importantly how their businesses are growing.

New member tours

Tours are an exciting part of my day because I get to witness first hand how entrepreneurs in Calgary collaborate. I will introduce the new individual to some of our existing members, this is when I will witness a “collision of ideas” between the two parties as they will find a connection and begin discussing ways they can work together. Once these individuals see the opportunities that can arise working in a coworking workspace, they understand how valuable collaboration can be.

A tour includes walking each person through the registration process, telling them about the great benefits they receive when working in our space, such as free admission to our monthly networking events and training sessions, being part of our beer nights and being featured on our website.

Building community

The benefits that come with our membership allows us to build a sense of community in our space. It is also an excellent way for our members to meet new professionals in their industry and get noticed. When I build member profiles for our website it is always interesting to read about everyone’s background and how entrepreneurship has allowed them to expand their careers and explore new industries.

Helping to solve problems

Some of our members are entrepreneurs trying to start small oil and gas companies. With this, they typically need access to industry software to help them create their play, which we have developed. Our platform ReSourceNET includes full software versions that individuals or companies can access with various accessibility options and rates. Some of the vendors we have partnered with are geoLOGICEnergy NavigatorEnteroSeiswareDivestcoGolden Software Products.

Meeting rooms and printers!

Simple requests by our members that are vital to running their businesses. The first is booking the boardroom for a meeting they have scheduled with their client. Our meeting room is a professional space that includes all A/V to ensure our members can present themselves professionally and have a successful meeting. Some of our members need to print large format maps to present to their clients at these meetings. Our large format plotter allows our members to print these maps to present to their client.

Beers with Peers

After a productive day, we end it off with a beer at our weekly Beers with Peers. We created this small gathering to give our members the opportunity to network with each other and talk about some of the exciting projects they have landed, what their company does, and to build a sense of community in our space. I get to listen to some of the most compelling conversations that have shaped our members careers, and with that, our day concludes.