ReSourceYYC opened its doors on May 1, 2016. 

This collaborative coworking space was the brainchild of Ron Bettin and Bill Scott to meet the needs of entrepreneurial professionals in Calgary. 

With the need for affordable and flexible office space options, Bill and Ron had the opportunity to transform existing office space in Calgary into an affordable workspace with a culture that appeals to innovative professionals.  On July 1, 2017, ReSourceYYC has taken this concept to the next level by moving into a larger space in the Palliser One Building in Downtown Calgary.

ReSourceYYC differentiates itself from any other Coworking space through the unique software platform. ReSourceNET is a robust cloud-based service. It includes full software versions for use by individuals and companies with various accessibility options and rates. This is the perfect place to start your project or company, keep yourself current and grow your company. By partnering with major software providers including Microsoft Office, geoLOGIC, Energy Navigator, Entero, Golden Software Products, Seisware, Divestco, OpenTect and more ReSourceYYC can offer access to an industry leading software platform not available anywhere else.

Understanding that a great space to work is more than just a nice building, we knew that it was important to create a positive and active community for the members.  ReSourceYYC supports its members by organizing networking events, training sessions, software demos and ensuring that being a member of ReSourceYYC is a positive experience.

ReSourceYYC is a one-stop shop for professionals to be successful and has quickly become a recognized talent hub of professionals in Calgary. Bill and Ron invite you to come check it out!