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At ReSourceYYC we would like to facilitate the success of our members as they grow their companies.   One of the ways we do this is through training and speaker presentations.   This give the opportunity for members to both learn new things and share knowledge with their peers to help them succeed on their journey.

We are putting out a call for speakers on the following topics:

  • Business Acumen & Case Studies

  • Technical Training

  • Personal Development

  • Panel Session Participants 

This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and build personal and business credibility.   In exchange, ReSourceYYC will promote the presenter and your company through our marketing and social media channels.    Additionally, these sessions help to build networking relationships that may be beneficial in the future.

IMPORTANT:  These presentations are not “Pitches”.   It is expected that the presenters will share valuable knowledge to the attendees for learning and growth, not to sell their products or look for investors.

If you or somebody you know is interested in presenting, please email us at info@resourceyyc.org