fitness centre

Palliser Fitness Centre

When you become a monthly member you receive a free gym membership to the fitness centre in Palliser One. 


monthly parkade parking

Palliser Parkade Parking

We are connected to one of the largest parkades in downtown Calgary. You can park in the Palliser Parkade per day or per month. If you are a monthly member as us how you can sign up for monthly parking. 


+15 access

+15 Walkway

Our office is directly connected to the +15 walkways. This gives you inside access to the core and helps you connect with the rest of downtown. 


Conference Centre

Aspen Amphitheatre

The Aspen Conference Centre has multiple meeting and event rooms that you can book when you become a member.


Meeting and Boardrooms

ReSourceYYC Main Boardroom

You can easily book any of our meeting and boardrooms for client meetings, lunch n' learns, seminars and events. 


Breakout Rooms

ReSourceYYC Breakout Room

We are very flexible in our space, we have multiple breakout rooms that you can use if they are not being occupied. Our breakout spaces are typically used for lunch or coffee breaks, informal meetings, breakout space for events and private phone call rooms.