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Final Frontiers is your go-to IT provider for day-to-day, flat-fee IT support, backup and disaster recovery, projects, business intelligence and CIO level consulting services. We work with entrepreneurial clients across Canada with a presence in Calgary and Edmonton.

Founder, Bill Scott started Final Frontiers while in university as a personal coaching business to help people overcome their fears. If a client was scared of heights, Bill would coach them through a gradual process of overcoming that fear until they could achieve their Final Frontier: skydiving. Over the years, Bill developed a passion for technology and as rapid technology changes became increasingly common in the workplace, he realized that many people had an aversion to technology similar to a fear. Bill launched Final Frontiers Systems in 1996 with a purpose that was two-fold: to remove the headaches of IT for people and to help businesses succeed through leveraging IT. Since then, the Final Frontiers team has been focused on making sure IT ‘just works’ for their clients and ensuring their clients stay ahead of the curb by recommending and implementing successful IT strategies.

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