Understanding Change and Building Resilience with DR. Wilma Slenders

March 13, 2018

Course Description

Constant change has become a constant in our lives. It doesn’t ever seem that things are slowing down; just speeding up. And, just when we think we might have a handle on something, something else happens to create greater chaos and uncertainty.

Some people flourish in these environments; others wilt. Which are you?

If you’d like to build your change capacity and resilience, attend this session to learn more about:   

  • your personal transition style
  • the stages that people go through when experiencing change
  • tools, techniques and attitudes that will help you stay positive, sustain a consistent level of performance, and build your change capacity.

Presenter Bio

Wilma Slenders is a highly skilled executive coach and strategic advisor with a proven record of success in helping leaders transform themselves and their organizations. A change catalyst, Wilma challenges leaders to break through the status quo to transcend to higher levels of performance. Recognized by clients for her pragmatic business results focus, she asks provocative questions challenging her clients’ usual perspectives, leading to new possibilities and opportunities. 

Dr. Slenders’ blend of academic background with studies in executive coaching, trust, advising, and leadership, combined with over 25 years’ business and consulting experience gives her a unique perspective on the business world and the challenges that leaders face. Her leading edge research, exploring CEOs and their trusted advisor relationships, provides insights that she applies to leaders at all levels of the organization. 

Wilma partners with leaders and their organizations to help them overcome their biggest challenges, adapt to changing conditions and capitalize on opportunities. 


People who are looking to build change capacity and resilience.


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