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The Language of Partnership™ by Trudy Pelletier


Partnership means being on the same side.  It is an extraordinary human being who produces partnership as a result of their interactions often.  We all have the capacity to be extraordinary.  The pathway to being extraordinary is not about being perfect or getting it right all the time; the pathway to being extraordinary is about being on purpose.  Guests will learn the tools and distinctions to be on purpose and how that translates to our communication skills.  The language of partnership promises you skills to expand the quality of your life. 


Trudy Pelletier FEA, CEC | Licensed Facilitator and Trainer

Trudy Pelletier is the president of Trudy Pelletier Consulting Inc. She specializes in facilitating difficult conversations at work. Her skills are sought after by leaders interested in optimizing people and performance. She coaches business partners and private businesses on issues like succession planning and conflict management.

She works with corporate business leaders on communication, leadership development and building an empowering culture. She helps organizations navigate highly charged issues and recurring challenges.

Recently, that includes changes to organizational culture following the #MeToo movement, and emerging discussions of gender parity in leadership. Trudy goes beyond quick-fix measures to transformational conversations, resulting in mutual understanding for all parties.

Trudy is a trainer and facilitator with a deep sales background. She is a mediator, Certified Executive Coach and designated family enterprise advisor who draws on decades of experience to connect and cultivate understanding, bringing the difficult issues from the background into the foreground. She is also licensed in Empowering Women and Empowering Men, material now relevant for all genders.


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