About Seisware

Almost two decades ago, a couple of Calgary software developers, who had been working in the seismic technology industry for many years, recognized the need for a better seismic interpretation solution. They formed their company, Zokero Inc. and got to work.

Zokero Inc. launched SeisWare in 1997. SeisWare was the first intuitive seismic interpretation software written for Windows® that included all interpretation tools in one package. SeisWare continues to have the same affordable leasing model as it did when it began; users pay one low annual price, no contract required, and the price includes all upgrades, maintenance and support.

During this same time, a couple of Calgary geoscientists recognized the need for best in class support services in the industry and started their company, Blue Castle Corporation. They wanted a company that focused strongly on employees and also provided the kind of support they always wished they received when they called their software providers; expertise, responsiveness and resourcefulness. Blue Castle initially provided customer support to a number of industry companies including Zokero, but as Zokero’s customer numbers grew, they contracted Blue Castle to support the product full time.

In 2009, after working together for over 10 years, the two companies merged to become SeisWare International Inc. Ed VanWieren, Murray Brack and Ed Chow, three of the original founders are still at the helm of the company. Our Houston office, SeisWare Inc. is run by another long time SeisWare geoscientist, Doug Paul.

In 1996, around the same time SeisWare was born, but further south, a software developer and a geoscientist had very similar story regarding geologic interpretation. Recognizing the need for a more advanced geologic interpretation solution, they founded Austin GeoModeling and developed Recon®, the first 3D geological interpretation application. Recon is the only software product that features patented Cascade Technology® which offers a truly dynamic interpretation environment.

In December 2014, SeisWare International acquired Austin GeoModeling, so now SeisWare and Recon are both products of SeisWare International Inc., ensuring geoscientists can have a truly integrated software solution.

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