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You Love It, You Want to Buy it, Now What?


Join us and learn more about the ins and outs of property acquisition, what to look for, and some things to be aware of. In this course your will get familiar with Phase I - II Environmental Site Assessments, remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater in broad strokes. We will talk about alternatives to remediation such as Risk Management Plans and criteria adjustment.


Dr. Micheal Samis is the Director and a technical resource in the Environmental Due Diligence and Remediation (EDR) group. Micheal joined Pinchin Ltd. in June 2014. Micheal holds a Doctorate in Environmental Studies and is an Environmental Professional with ECO Canada. 

Micheal has environmental consulting experience of more than 30 years and a proven competence in all aspects of Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), reclamation, remediation, risk management and compliance monitoring. Micheal has a strong ability of applying general scientific principles to resolve site specific problems. He is actively involved in providing research based technical / scientific support for a wide spectrum of projects related to contamination of soil, groundwater and air at upstream, downstream and commercial Sites.

Micheal’s wide range of expertise includes leading multidisciplinary teams in brownfield repurposing and redevelopment. One notable example is the remediation of a former chemical plant on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and subsequent assistance provided to the developer in creating condominium housing for the Winter Olympics athletes. Micheal has also provided spill response coordination for clients acting for the client to assess and characterize spills, involving collecting samples of released material and coordinating disposal of impacted soil and groundwater in short time frames and assisting the client with reporting to regulatory agencies and coordinating operations on the site often after hours on evenings or weekends.  


Anyone involved in Property acquisition in Oil and Gas or Regulatory Reporting in the same field. Much of the material covered would be of benefit to Commercial Lenders, Real Estate agents, Brokers and Bankers.


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