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Entrepreneurology: The Art and Science of Running Your Business and Enjoying It


As an entrepreneur, do you ever feel like you’re not “creative enough” when it comes to your marketing?

What about methodical enough when it comes to your metrics and performance management?

Have you struck a balance between the hard and soft skills your business requires?

If you’re like 99% of all entrepreneurs – you spend more time on what naturally catches your interest.... on what you are naturally good. Join us for an engaging, interactive, informative, and entertaining approach to running your business that anyone can learn, and everyone will enjoy!


Stan Peake

Stan was born to help others reach their potential. After 15 years of leadership experience, 13 years of business ownership experience (as of 2018), and after owning or co-owning 4 businesses, coaching others towards their potential is why Stan still gets out of bed in the morning passionate to tackle the day.

As a speaker Stan has been making his rounds since 2002, from fitness centers to high schools and universities. Today his talks take him to conferences and seminars around the country to specific talks customizable for any business.

Though Stan can customize any speaking engagement within his areas of expertise, topics generally focus on self and team leadership, strategy, culture and team development, sales, and principles of success. Stan brings an unrivaled energy and ability to connect with his audience, though he is adept at catering his style and methods to the different specific groups he works with on any given day.

Caroline Brookfield

Caroline provokes professionals to find excellence in the margins of convention. With her feet firmly rooted in evidence based data, with her head in the clouds of innovative thought, she has a knack for connecting the dots between seemingly disparate topics. 

Her diversity of skills and conceptual reasoning has been nurtured through diverse roles in and out of veterinary medicine - research, emergency, industry, zoo and wildlife, technical writing, academia, and small animal medicine and surgery. 

As a proud business owner of a retail jewelry business, Caroline embraces new challenges and learning with incredible gusto. Creating and building an online recruiting business for veterinarians from scratch gave her the taste for entrepreneurship and showed her the ropes in online business and marketing. 


People looking to start or grow their businesses. 


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