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Mission Geospatial is a professional engineering and land surveyors corporation based in Calgary. Mission was started by Mike and Barb Fretwell, as an employee focused company with the objective of providing top notch effective geomatics solutions to the energy and development sectors. Colin Jeschke is also part of the Mission Geospatial team. Mission was founded on April 5, 2005 and started operating the following year. Mission focuses on providing solutions that make sense, by using the post appropriate tools and techniques underpinned by academic training, extensive experience and professional certification. Mike and Colin are two of ReSourceYYC's newest members who contribute to the working atmosphere and are always willing to share with other members what Mission Geospatial is all about. When other members have questions about geomatics, Mike and Colin are always willing to provide advice or insight on the matter. 

Mike Fretwell, ALS, CLS, President

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Mike is a professional land surveyor with over 30 years of experience. Mike's career in geomatics has taken him from the Arctic to SE-Asia, with many points in between, and has encompassed many different aspects from the smallest municipal jobs, through national infrastructure projects, to some of the largest and most challenging resource projects in Canada. Mike is expert in boundary determination, control surveys, error analysis, legacy data audit and integration, project management, execution and optimization. Mike holds an MBA from Queen's and is currently the Vice-President of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association.

Project highlights:

  • Petro-Canada, McKay River Project
  • SURE Northern, Grosmont Project
  • Shell Canada, Albian Sands, Geomatics Quality Management System
  • Teck Resources, Frontier Project
  • State Railway of Thailand, Upper Thailand Railway Routing
  • Texaco Exploration Myanmar, Yetagun Pipeline
  • Truman Developments, Rainbow Falls Sub'd.

Colin Jeschke, P.Eng, ALS, CLS, Senior Project Manager

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Colin Jeschke holds several professional designations: Professional Engineer, Alberta Land Surveyor, and Canada Lands Surveyor.  He has been involved in the Geomatics industry for over 25 years, and Alberta Land Survey for over 15 years.

Over 25 years in the industry has given him a broad range of experience such as, small and large municipal surveys, construction surveys, volumetric calculations, ALTA/ASCM surveys, lease area measurements, including BOMA, and involvement in large heavy oil projects like Imperial Oil Limited's Cold Lake field and Teck's Frontier Oil Sands Mine.

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