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LMR Seminar and Frac Custom Session by geoLOGIC


In this seminar, participants will learn to use geoSCOUT to calculate complex working interest values and develop scenarios to forecast your LMR, allowing you to develop the best strategy for your next deal. You will also have the opportunity to work with the only comprehensive database of digital completions and frac data for western Canada in a variety of geoLOGIC products. Participants will learn how to capture, sort, filter and group wells by different criteria such as detailed proppant, fluids, and stage data, and send the resulting wells to Production Analysis. At the end of the session, you will see how comprehensive frac data can help plan logistics and define costs and risks with E&P planning, acquisitions, divestitures, and more.

Prerequisite: Experience with geoSCOUT, gDCweb or Well Completions and Frac Database is required.


geoLOGIC systems was founded in 1983 in Calgary, Alberta with the goal of developing a computer system to manage interpretive well data and make prospecting easier. Today, geoLOGIC is a petroleum industry data and software leader, trusted by energy professionals to deliver premium oil and gas data and innovative software including embedded analytics. GeoLOGIC delivers comprehensive, relevant solutions to the oil and gas industry, governments and regulators, banks, educational institutions, and others.


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