Investing in Energy Efficiency

December 12, 2017

Course Description

With new rebate programs recently announced, there’s never been a better time in Alberta to invest in home and business improvements related to energy efficiency. Join Mike Daciw and Jon Schiedel of EVOLVsolar for an interactive discussion on the latest innovations in solar and building technology that can reduce your environmental footprint, while saving money on your monthly bills.


Jon Schiedel, Director of Sales

Jon is the Director of Sales at EVOLVsolar and brings over a decade of experience in the construction industry, which gives him a solid understanding of how solar integrates with the entire building.  Jon has a demonstrated passion for sustainability through his management of numerous projects where he applies sustainable construction principles to achieve high levels of energy-efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.   

Jon has presented at the Alberta Green Homes Summit and regularly consults on energy efficiency and building performance in Western Canada. 

Mike Daciw, Partner

Mike co-founded EVOLVsolar and is responsible for the sales, system design, and procurement at EVOLV and enjoys working with customers to come up with a smart, cost-effective solutions that are safe and provides the highest possible return on investment.  Mike has been in the energy industry for over 6 years and has been trained at the Canadian Solar Institute.  
Prior to EVOLV, Mike served as the Director of Corporate Development for Tundra Process Solutions, helping them become the 7th fastest growing company in Canada with over revenues over $100M. While at Tundra, he led their human resource department, the Acceleration Center for Entrepreneurs (, and growth initiatives via partnerships and acquisitions.  


For people interested into investing into energy efficient solutions for their home/business. 


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