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Introduction to the Tornado Method


The Tornado Method is the world’s simplest system for building and growing a small business. This workshop will introduce you to the Tornado Method, help you understand the 3 layers that can make or break your business; the 5 stages of your revenue engine; how to be brutal about what’s not working and a quick guide on how to deal with overwhelm.


Neville Chamberlain runs Britewrx.com where he helps consultants, coaches, freelancers and small business owners build a better business faster - and still have a life. He is a master facilitator and workshop host with a unique knack for helping businesses of all ages find clarity in their thinking and messaging. Neville is a recovering software developer, CEO, multiple startup survivor and the designer of the Tornado Method - the world’s only framework for designing, developing and building a business.


Filming and Photography may take place, please read our Notice for Filming and Photography for further information.

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