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Going Green: Alberta’s Energy Industry Workers Transition Assessment


Sponsored by ReSourceYYC, The GoldMind Project brings you the next session of the Going Green series to discuss worker transferability from the oil and gas industry.

The rapid decrease in oil prices in 2014 triggered a transformation within Canada’s oil and gas industry and Alberta’s economy that continues to impact its workforce today. If you’re one of those people affected by the downturn and are wondering how to apply your skills, knowledge and experience to the Renewable Energy sector, this session is for you.

At this session you will get:

  • An opportunity to share your experiences on career transition

  • An overview of an innovative career development resource and the “foot-in-the-door” occupational requirements needed to compete with experienced candidates for roles in the Renewable Energy sector

  • Your own e-copy of the resource: Alberta’s Transitioning Energy Industry: Career and Transition and Employment Information Resource. This includes an assessment worker transferability opportunities and barriers for six targeted sectors: supply chain, high technology ICT, renewable energy, clean technology, petrochemical manufacturing and agribusiness

  • Input into further information or research needed to support your job search or career development


Cheryl Knight (Cheryl Knight and Associates) and Pat Hufnagel-Smith (Creative Links Inc) were the lead consultants in a study by PetroLMI (funded by the Government of Alberta) to assess worker transferability between oil and gas and selected industries within Alberta‘s economy. Since the completion of the PetroLMI project in May 2018, Pat and Cheryl have endeavoured to keep the worker transferability assessment and information on the status of Alberta’s transitioning energy industry current. They will share their updated findings for Renewable Energy.


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