About Fuzeium

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A Common Challenge
People find it difficult to know what is going on in an industry because the information is scattered and in a format that’s hard to understand. 

Our Solution
Interactive dashboards address this problem by integrating different sources of information in a visual and intuitive manner.  Through a dashboard, which uses descriptive analytics, one can see what is normally hard, if not impossible, to see.  These insights are “aha! moments” that further one’s understanding. The dashboards also enable collaboration by overcoming organizational and data silos—especially when they are shared among diverse stakeholders.  A specific question of interest guides and focuses the content of dashboard.

Fuzeium is a Calgary-based management consulting group that specializes in building interactive dashboards with clients.   The team is made up of Roger Miley, Paula Jennings and Chris Semanciw, all of whom originally met while working at Shell.  They now bring a varied and rich set of skills to Fuzeium that includes aspects of Engineering, Geoscience, Information / Data Management, Data Analytics, Information Technology, and Project / Program Management. 

The Fuzeium team has created a series of educational Demo dashboards available on their website pertaining to Alberta Drilling History, Alberta Inactive Wells and Alberta Orphan Wells.  

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