About Fuzeium

P: 1 403.701.2056 | www.fuzeium.com

Fuzeium is a Calgary-based management consulting group that utilizes data analytics in order to solve complex problems. Their unique eleven step process sets them apart from their many competitors as it allows clients to make data-driven decisions. Specializing in data dashboards Fuzeium allows individuals to further their understanding and see what is normally hard, if not impossible to see. Fuzeium’s interactive dashboard equips clients with industry knowledge by integrating different sources of information in a visual and intuitive manner. The team is made up of Roger Miley, Kendra Stone and Chris Semanciw, all of whom originally met while working at Shell.  They now bring a varied and rich set of skills to Fuzeium that includes aspects of Engineering, Geoscience, Information / Data Management, Data Analytics, Information Technology, and Project / Program Management. 

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