About FJ Analytics  

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Founded on years of experience in logistics analysis, FJ Analytics provides analytical tools which generate practical business insights. We use smart technology to make data analysis simple and provide businesses the power to utilize data insights to perform better and stay ahead of competition. 

FJ Analytics serves the following industries: transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, and wholesale. 

The Leading Team

Emanuel John (MA Economics)

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Emanuel is the founder and lead analyst at FJ Analytics. He is a business economist with a specialization in logistics management. 
Before FJ Analytics, Emanuel worked for Connect Logistics Services (a subsidiary of DHL Supply Chain). During his time at Connect Logistics, he generated over 7 figures in cost savings using analysis tools he had created. 

Margaret Isaka (MA Economics)

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Margaret is an analyst with a passion for data analysis, and visualization. She has a Master's in Economics from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor’s in Economics and Business from the University of Ottawa. 
If not buried in a book in her spare time, you can find her enjoying nature through hiking or canoeing. 

Richard Kijazi (M. Finance)

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Richard's work primarily focuses on applications development. Richard has a Master’s in Finance from Saint Mary's University and an undergraduate degree in Economics.  
He enjoys soccer, music and travelling.  

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