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Elevate Efficiency Through Lean Process Improvement


In this workshop, you will discover the opportunity of Lean Process Improvement in your small business.  We will cover the key principles of Lean Six Sigma, introduce you to the concept of Waste and connect with what is important to you in operating your business.  

Recognizing opportunities to improve is easy,  As human beings we are designed to figure out what doesn’t work and immediately go to work fixing and changing things to work they way we want them to.  How to effectively address those systemic and chronic process issues is another question, sometimes it can be hard to see where you should even start. 

We will examine how Lean Process Improvement can enable you to elevate your efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and reduce costs, all without adding or subtracting resources.  In this workshop you will discover the opportunity of identifying waste in your business processes and create actions to reduce and eliminate the non-value added activities that are stifling the success of your business.


Holly Blair is a Lean Consultant and the founder of Engineering Possibilities.  Holly is a Chemical Engineer with over 12 years of experience in chemical processing, healthcare, service and manufacturing industries.  As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Change Management Practitioner and Certified Executive Coach, she provides an innovative approach to process improvement by integrating Systems Thinking with Lean Methodologies.  Holly is an engaging facilitator of Lean Training Workshops and Kaizen Events that leave her Clients empowered with the capability to create lean process improvement results in your own environments.  She has a knack for distilling your processes down to what really works, creating ease and simplicity in otherwise chaotic and complex environments.

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