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Developing a Business Pitch with Stan Peake


Can you explain your business or idea in less than 10 seconds so that customers or investors get it?

Does your value proposition, or ‘pitch’ generate interest and follow up questions, or “that’s nice”?

Do you feel like you’re selling, or trying too hard, when dealing with prospects?

 If so, ‘developing your business pitch’ will be a transformative mini course that will allow you to go to market with greater clarity, confidence, and conviction – to go get better results!


Stan Peake, Founder & Executive Coach at InSite Performance Coaching LTD

Stan was born to help others reach their potential. After 15 years of leadership experience, 13 years of business ownership experience (as of 2018), and after owning or co-owning 4 businesses, coaching others towards their potential is why Stan still gets out of bed in the morning passionate to tackle the day.

As a speaker Stan has been making his rounds since 2002, from fitness centers to high schools and universities. Today his talks take him to conferences and seminars around the country to specific talks customizable for any business.

Though Stan can customize any speaking engagement within his areas of expertise, topics generally focus on self and team leadership, strategy, culture and team development, sales, and principles of success. Stan brings an unrivaled energy and ability to connect with his audience, though he is adept at catering his style and methods to the different specific groups he works with on any given day.

Caitlyn Oravkin, Client Experience Officer at InSite Performance Coaching LTD

Passionate for the zest of life, Caitlyn has always been an individual who looks to bring experiences and people together.

The commitment to working with people is what has inspired her journey to work in industries that allow for her to continue to support others. Caitlyn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education, where she combined her studies of sport and recreation management and art history together. This is where she began to build strengths around creativity, strategy, community and management. Eager to continue to learn she continues her path of education focusing on elements of business strategy and psychology. She began her career in client experience and continued to evolve to business development positions. Fortunate to have worked in many different and dynamic roles, Caitlyn brings a diverse approach and expertise to her work.

An individual who has a respect for challenges and adversity, her biggest mission in life is to create a positive impact on the world. To ignite the passion within individuals, to support them with their goals, and to help them succeed. It is with her goal-driven personality and determination that she will continue to expand her outreach and the support that she gives to others.


People looking to connect with other industry professionals and grow their businesses. 


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