Charles Bridgeford

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As an asset management firm Charles Bridgeford’s unique experience in institutional investment management and agriculture allows farm operators to continue sustainable land stewardship while growing their businesses. The Charles Bridgeford firm works to create sustainable returns and communities by bringing together farming families and their clients to achieve mutually beneficial goals. The Charles Bridgeford team believes that success starts with purchasing high quality assets through proprietary deal sourcing and the application of a strict risk management and loss avoidance strategy. Charles Bridgeford’s approach cultivates networks of local farmers and related agricultural professionals to find, purchase, and lease high-quality parcels of farmland to generate long-term, stable, cash yielding, uncorrelated real asset returns that have an attractive risk-return profile.

Ric Luimes

Ric Luimes brings a substantial background in farm operations as well as agricultural business to his role at Charles Bridgeford.

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