Business Plan and Business Action; They are Inseparable

June 5, 2018 | 11:00am-12:00pm

Course Description

Planning is useless without committing to Action.  This session is about gathering key information to know that your offer will be in demand by your market, understanding how to deliver it, and making sure you do it.  There are three basic types of business plans; 1) the kind needed to raise investors, 2) the kind to raise financing (ie. Bank) and 3) the kind that helps the business owner to know where to spend their most valuable time/effort/money and how much to spend there.  This session will focus principally on the third type.


Curtis Harren, CEOcopilot, is a creative and forthright experienced nearly 20 year professional.  His approaches to business are disruptive in the ways they are supposed to be.  He is calm under fire, just him about ask about his Jeep, and he's a proven business turnaround specialist, especially by activating the people and the culture.


This course is for business owners looking to gain knowledge of where they can spend the most valuable time, effort and money.


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