Top Reasons Why You should choose ReSourceYYC

So, the time has come, you’ve had enough of working at home or lugging your laptop from coffee shop to coffee shop. You’re on the hunt for an office space and here’s some reasons why ReSourceYYC is the place for YOU.

 1.      Location

Located at the heart of downtown Calgary, ReSourceYYC’s location surrounds business professionals with the energy and hustle of Calgary’s metropolitan environment. Our offices provide breathtaking views of downtown Calgary. Popular restaurants in the area are perfect for business lunches or meetings. Finally, ReSourceYYC’s close proximity to LRT stations and its connection to one of the largest downtown parkades makes commuting fast and painless.

  2.      Work spaces

 Finding the perfect work space can be tricky. You may find yourself in a Goldilocks and the three bears situation, some spaces are too big some are too small but at ReSourceYYC our spaces are always just right. Whether you’re looking for a private, semi-private or non-private office space we’ve got you covered. Our boardrooms all equipped with A/V are great for meetings.   

 3.      Members/Environment

Working alone in an unstructured environment can be very isolating. At ReSourceYYC you are surrounded by professionals who are friendly and welcoming. From engineering to marketing we have a wide range of members with vast skill sets. ResourceYYC’s many networking events fosters a sense of community allowing members from all fields to connect and grow together.   

 Still don’t believe us here’s what some of our members had to say about their time here:

 Why ResourceYYC?

 Anthony Cameron

Left Hand Architecture

 “The atmosphere, everybody is a small business and are going through the same things, you can knock on someone’s door and ask about what’s going on”

 Roger Miley

CEO Fuzeium

“I’ve gained insight about running a business here that I certainly couldn’t have done in isolation”.