In support of one of our members, Trudy Pelletier, we are announcing the launch of her new business and its signature program, Partnership on Purpose™. 

 Partnership on Purpose™ is a leadership development program designed to illuminate how we unknowingly create friction in the workplace. It provides understanding and tools to solve invisible conflicts, unspoken misunderstandings, and momentary reactions that chip away at productivity and job satisfaction.

 As you well know, the one aspect of life that is constant is change. Many of us know how important it is to be proactive and adaptable to meet the requirements of our ever-changing world. Some of us also know the challenge and hard work involved in transforming and reinventing ourselves. 

 For Trudy, that involved a dual certification track last year in “Empowering Men” and “Empowering Women,” material that is now relevant to all genders. Her new certification inspired her to create Partnership on Purpose™. The program helps leaders address the implications of the #MeToo movement, and the emerging issues and recurring challenges related to gender diversity. 

 To learn more, visit If you’re interested in being part of the program launch, contact Trudy directly,  Join Trudy for the Resource YYC lunch and learn on December 2nd – topic: The Language of Partnership™

Congratulations Trudy, we at Resource YYC wish you continued success with your new venture.