Why Should You Join Toastmasters?

Why should you Join Toastmasters?

I joined Toastmasters because I found myself laid-off and looking for ways to build leadership and communication skills and give myself something fresh and current to say I was working on during interviews.  So I didn’t sound like I was sitting at home just waiting for someone to hire me.  What I found however, was that Toastmasters was so much more, it’s had a positive impact on my life and would be valuable to almost everyone.

First a little information about Toastmasters, for those who are unfamiliar with this organization. Beginning in 1924, Ralph C. Smedley began to teach public speaking; the organization has since grown to over 200 000 members in over 90 countries worldwide. Focusing on public speaking and leadership skills, Toastmasters is one of the largest organized systems of personal development in the world.

The skills learned in mastering public speaking and leadership are core skills needed for dealing with other people. These are the communication skills you use many times every single day. Instead of thinking about doing a toast at a wedding with your toastmaster skills, think about improving your confidence and responding-on-your-feet skills when talking to clients or your sales and influencing skills.


Successful Next Steps is a great place to meet like-minded professionals, who are in a similar career phase as you, as well as, hundreds of others across the city in other Toastmasters groups.  “SNS’ers” are currently building professional leadership, interpersonal and influencing skills that are so valuable in strategically managing a professional career path. 

Great Times

One of the most surprising parts of Toastmasters is how fun the meetings are.  At first the meetings can feel a little nervous and new, so you might not enjoy yourself initially.  But after a few meetings, some find themselves coming just for the stress relief and laughs. 

How to Join

You are invited to attend Successful Next Steps Toastmasters club, happening every Wednesday from 12pm – 1pm, at RE|SOURCE YYC, Room 2035, 125 – 9th Avenue SE.