New Partnership! The GoldMind Project

Over the last few months, ReSourceYYC has set up many partnerships to provide the tools to our members to succeed in their businesses. Since lots of the start-up companies we have in our space are professionals who were in transition starting their own company and becoming entrepreneurial, we considered The GoldMind Project as a great asset for us to partner with in order to help professionals in transition.

The GoldMind Project is a non-profit organization, supported and operated by volunteers from different industries, aimed to help unemployed professionals figure out how to readjust their skill sets and get back to work, possibly in another field entirely.

Going forward, the GoldMind Project will have a room in our facility and coordinate their activities in our space, not only available for our members but for all professionals interested in identifying their transferable skills in the workforce and potential opportunities for their application.

As part of our alliance, the ReSourceYYC / GoldMind Project Mentor Program is up and running in a limited capacity while looking for mentors and mentees to fill the program.  For more information, contact with your interest and a representative will be in touch.