ReSourceYYC Member Moments

Rick Cooke shares his experience at ReSourceYYC with us!

Rick Cooke is one of ReSourceYYC’s newest members, joining ReSourceYYC on November 22, 2016. His background and experience falls under engineering in exploration, production and facilitation in the oil and gas industry. He graduated in 1994 from the University of Saskatchewan with a BSC in Mechanical Engineering. In 2000, Rick obtained a certificate in Petroleum Technology from S.A.I.T.

When Rick found out about ReSourceYYC he knew that he could use the resources that were available here to apply his experience and utilize his skills by being able to have access to a workstation where he could sit down, use the software and validate information with a colleague’s presentation. The resources that we offer made it possible for Rick present his play by collaboratively working with a former colleague to put the finishing touches on a presentation by using the geoSCOUT and ValueNavigator software in ReSourceNET.

He was able to execute his pitch to the Financer by utilizing all the facilities that we offer at ReSourceYYC. These include having software readily available on workstations, such as geoSCOUTValNavMosaicDivestco Glass and Seisware, having a boardroom to present in which includes all audio and visual components, and a large interactive screen to use for the presentation.

"If you don’t have access at home to any software and you are looking to utilize facilities to help prospect and gain potential clients, ReSourceYYC is a great place to do that. They have access to duel monitor workstations with geology and engineering software on them that can help you build a presentation. All their facilities can be utilized by all the members including the boardroom which has a large screen for presentations."