ReSourceYYC Member Moments

ReSourceYYC wants to congratulate Fuzeium on advancing to the next stage in the 2017 Energy New Venture!  

Fuzeium has successfully advanced to the next step in a competition hosted by the  Haskayne School of Business’ Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  It’s called the 2017 Energy New Venture Competition and is billed as “Canada’s leading early-stage pitch competition dedicated to the advancement of emerging innovations for the energy sector.”   

Fuzeium's idea is to create something called "The Well Exchange," an interaction platform, which would connect buyers and sellers to create new value from Inactive Wells. Using advanced data integration and analytics techniques, The Well Exchange would highlight wells with potential value for alternative purposes such as geothermal heat/energy, water supply and storage, waste disposal etc.

“The core of the idea is to convert some of the province’s 82,000 Inactive Wells, which are mainly seen as liabilities, into productive assets.” Says Roger Milley, Fuzeium’s CEO.   “The Well Exchange is a concept that builds on our existing capabilities for interactive data dashboards, but the refinement of the idea was made possible only because we are part of ResourceYYC.”  

Fuzeium will now attend three mandatory, preparatory workshops in December, January and February and then compete against other teams on February 28, 2017 for cash and services in-kind.