Coworking for Professionals-Finding the right place, people and culture

In May of 2016 ReSourceYYC signed-up our first member.  At the time, Bill Scott and I realized there was a gap in the coworking ecosystem for entrepreneurial professionals and we felt this was an opportunity to give back to the professionals that have done so much for Calgary.  Providing the tools for professionals to be successful has been our main priority. Over the past year we are pleased to see how our training sessions, software tools and networking events have helped our members achieve their business goals.

Working in an entrepreneurial environment is motivating.  Being part of a vibrant eco-system encourages great conversations and a “collisions of ideas”. Our diversified community of professionals has given the space a unique culture where everyone is a contributor. Many of our members have previous experience at big corporations so it is inspiring to watch them grow a company grow from a one-person to a motivated team. 

A great coworking space has great stories!  At ReSourceYYC we have watched companies like ToddTek and Fuzeium started as a one-person shop and evolve into successful teams.  Other companies like Mission Geospatial and Fitneff have been able to create a “head-office” base for their companies in downtown Calgary and provide services across Canada and Internationally.  LeftHand Architecture and Hydrocarbon Dynamics have been able to network with the community to understand the market and expand their opportunities.  Some companies such as Layton Consulting and ALA Midas Capital have moved into Calgary and used ReSourceYYC as a launching pad.  Finally, for other companies like Final Frontiers, the upgrade to a beautiful office that is closer to clients has made them more effective.

What have we learned from the companies that have been successful at ReSourceYYC?

  1. Interactions with peers is important.  At ReSourceYYC we have weekly beer nights and networking events to encourage interaction and “collision of ideas”.

  2. A professional and inspiring work place is important. In order to be productive and creative, small companies need to find a space like ReSourceYYC that encourages collaboration and creativity, but also enables private areas to “get work done”!

  3. Access to small business tools can save money.  For a small business spending capital and operating dollars is material.  Affordable access to printers, boardrooms, software etc. allows companies to present themselves professionally and can preserve cash and make a big difference to the bottom line.

Calgary is an amazing city of entrepreneurs. We invite you to come check out ReSourceYYC or any of the other Calgary Coworking Alliance spaces in town that would help you grow your business. If you are a small business do not underestimate how important it is to find the right place, people and culture to ensure your company is successful.