About ALAMidas Capital Partners Inc.

E: tony@alamidascpartners.com | Mailing Address: Suite 2000 – 125 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB T2G0P6 | www.alamidascpartners.com

What we offer?


We are an early revenue stage venture capital firm who believe we can change the world by supporting entrepreneurs driven to build a healthier planet and live a healthier lifestyle. When we align our words and actions, everything happens with the least effort.

We are a customer centric investment firm and view our investees and co-investors as partners with a common goal to serve our customers. We create value only when we deliver innovative solutions to our customers at a competitive price.

Investment Criteria

We are interested in agtech, aghealth, agri-food sectors, particularly investing and developing the hemp ecosystem, harmonizing the fragmented supply chain working from the top - end users/customers, down to the seed genetics IP, be it for industrial fibre, cannabidiol, and/or food applications.

We support our investees through our proprietary tax efficient, diversified investing channels from syndicated angel investing to Series "X" preferred, from private to public venture capital markets, including regulation crowdfunding.

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How we started?

The company started in 1994 offering interim CFO services to public and private mid to large size companies. Being boxed into the corporate CFO/ CAO roles did not fulfill Antonio’s entrepreneurial DNA. His investment decision always drives him to improve, innovate, or create value for his investee-clients with a customer centric strategy.

ALAMidas Capital Partners Inc. is an iteration of Healthy Crowdfunder Corp strategy and now the investment arm of ALA Midas Capital Inc., a corporate finance advisory firm.

Our immediate goals?

Based in Vancouver and Calgary offices, our immediate goals are to  develop, harmonize and finance the hemp value chain while capitalizing our AgTech Fund.

About Employees

Antonio A. Arias, CEO and Managing General Partner, is a financial executive, an entrepreneur, and an investor interested in co-financing and co-developing health & wellness, health tech, agri-foods, and technology enabled businesses. More about the ALAMidas team http://alamidascpartners.com/about/

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